CBD for Pets Testmonials


Launching ResQ Organics CBD has been a long road with moments that we weren't sure we could take on such a big undertaking, but we pushed through and followed our hearts. And we are so happy we did....your loving stories bring us to tears and we cannot thank you enough for sharing your stories and showing off your amazing results. We love witnessing the progress and being a part of your pet's journey!

We are sincerely and eternally grateful...
Hope & Terry Black

My German Shepard, Rex, has been showing signs of arthritis. He is 13 years old. After using ResQ Organics CBD he is playing with a 2 year old (Shepard/Rottweiler mix) and keeping up with her and playing and wrestling for a few hours. Before he would have had to take a break after 5-10 minutes." β€” Heather Risser