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Caution: Use of These Products May Result in Increased Health and Vitality! Say Goodbye to Hot Spots, Dermatitis, Cracked Paws, Kitty Acne, Rain Rot, Sweet Itch, & More!

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Non-GMO, No Synthetics, No Heavy Metals, Pesticide-Free, Fragrance-Free, Alcohol-Free, Paraben-Free, Sulfate-Free, Dye-Free, and Phthalate-Free.

ResQ Organics Skin Care for pets
is powerful and effective.....yet gentle and safe.

Made with only raw, organic, and natural ingredients that are food grade, because 60% of what you put ON your body ends up IN your body. This applies to our furry friends too!

Whether it’s a cut, scratch, dry nose, acne, or a hot spot, ResQ Organics is an important part of our lives. We use all of our products on ourselves, our kids, and our pets, daily.... and continue to be amazed at our results and your testimonials.

We can't thank you enough for sharing all your stories - we really believe that these products are a complete solution for every skin condition and most ailments. We hope you (and your pet) love them as much as we do!

“We always say Res Q Organics is safe for your animals. The other day our Sammi proved how safe our products are when he discovered an open 8oz jar of our Skin Treatment he decided to help himself. He ate half of the jar! I am happy to say that he didn’t even experience an upset stomach! If your skin care products aren’t safe enough to eat, they're not safe enough to put on your skin! Thank you Sammi for your great testimonial.” 
— Hope Black

Finally an All-Natural, Organic Skin Care for Pets That Actually Work!

ResQ Organics Pet Skin Treatment for Dogs, Cats, and Horses. Effective For Hot Spots, Mange, Itchy Skin, Allergies, Dry Nose, Cracked Paws, Rain Rot, Sweet Itch, Feline Acne, and More! Promotes Cellular Regeneration and Hair Growth.



"My dog had a cyst on her eye and was using a steroid cream and meds. After I got the cream I decided to try it to see if it would help...IT DID! The Cyst had gone down in size and she was not itching at it, which also helped with healing. I also use it for hot spots on my dogs feet when allergies get bad, and it really helps with inflammation. I would recommend this product to anyone!"

— Sue Thompson


"Back in January, one of the horses at my barn that I work with started getting a mysterious itchy skin issue on his shoulder/wither area. It started with what felt like scabbing and as you picked at it/brushed - the hair all started coming out. To this day we/nor vet have any idea what caused the issue, but I know it was the ResQ that helped clear up the topical skin issue tho. Won’t be without it now!"

— Kristen Zuley


"My French Bulldog’s tail was nearly bald and irritated. It had been missing hair for years and nothing really worked. I started using ResQ twice a day and within weeks I noticed a difference. It was no longer irritated and the hair was starting to grow back! It has been several months and the hair continues to grow. You can’t even tell that hair was ever missing."

— Natalie Hartmen


Giving Back Program



Every day our lives are enriched because we share our home with our cute fur babies. As pet parents, we make sure our animals have the finest care, feel safe, and loved. Sadly this is not the case for millions of innocent animals every year.

The Humane Society of the US estimates that 6-8 million cats and dogs enter one of 5,000 community animal shelters each year with nearly half being euthanized. That’s nearly 10,000 every day!!! :(

We are committed to changing these statistics. When you buy any product we will donate a portion of the proceeds to heroic pet charities and non-profit rescue organizations across the country that are helping save these precious angels.

Together We Really Can Make a Difference!

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