Skin Care for Pets Testimonials


“I LOVE this product!!!

My little nugget was scratching his bottom intensely after our evening walk. I was so alarmed to see 3 big stings of who knows-what....along with his having bitten/scratched himself to the point of breaking the skin. :( I cleaned the area & applied the ResQ Organic cream to my fur baby’s bottom & it immediately calmed his need to scratch and the following morning his stings (3 welts) had vanished!!! I was later stung by a yellow jacket the following week and thought to apply the cream to my swollen arm and by morning the swelling was gone!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product!!! I will use it Furrrrrrrrever & Ever for my furry friends as well as myself. I LOVE that it is organic too.” — Elizabeth Fernandez

“A couple of our big dogs got into a scuffle. Both trying to get through the doorway at the same time. Reminded me of the 3 Stooges. One had a wound on his side the size of a quarter. Hubby wanted to rush him to the vet because it was a little deep. I asked him to let me clean it and use ResQ Skin Care. If there was no difference in a few of days, he could take him to the vet. Well, it worked nicely. Every day the wound got smaller and smaller. Closed up. Hair grew back. No infection. It has worked amazingly well in other situations, too. I can’t say enough wonderful things about this product!” — Maureen McDermott Carlson

“I was so silly, and the weather got nice all of a sudden so I took my dog Logan to the dog park and let him run until he was exhausted. By the time I got him home, he was limping badly, as his paw pads had been rubbed raw from running on the concrete. I felt so guilty. I called my neighbor who’s a knowledgeable animal rescue person. She gave me some of her ResQ Organic treatment for dogs. After only 2 applications his paws were healed and he was again a happy running camper. I bought a large bottle immediately. I’m going to use this product all summer for him. I’ve never had anything work as quickly…Thanks for helping my buddy” — Stephanie and Logan

“This has been one of the worst weeks in a looong time - my greyhound, Kai, had ankle surgery Monday. The photo of the staples is on his thigh area where a bone graft was taken - the arrows point to an area where his paper-thin skin was torn and bleeding since I picked him up on Tues. Finally last night I remembered Res Q, put some on, and this is what I find this morning, hair has even grown back!!! AMAZED and in AWED... seriously a miracle, and it’s natural... love love love this stuff ♥ ” — Kathleen Naomi Atkins

“My wife was trimming the hair under our dog's ear and accidentally made a cut in his ear about a ½ inch long. She was very upset, the dog was bleeding and in a little pain. We had used the ResQ Organic Skin Treatment for minor cuts and scrapes with good results so we tried on our Max’s ear. We applied the cream twice a day for several days and now there is no sign of a cut. It didn’t get infected and healed quickly. Max is fine and I’ve taken the scissors away from my wife Shelia. I love your product, so does Max…woof!” — Josh C

“My dog (a Bichon) was getting sores in his ears, one on his neck (may have been bitten by another dog) bumps on his tummy, and was scratching and licking constantly. I order this product while searching for something natural (since he is bound to lick it) and yet effective. I am delighted I came across this cream - so much so, in fact, that I ordered the “human” version for myself. The sores in Orion’s ears and the “bumps” on his tummy disappeared within a day. It is astonishing that anything could work that quickly. The cut on his neck is well on its way to healing.” — Andrea Contento

"Lucy is a rescue from a puppy mill in Michigan. She is deaf (stone deaf) from ear infections that were never treated. She came with tapeworms, mange, deaf, vestibular syndrome. The HORRID sore on her face was raw and severely inflamed and was her second (very sad) bout of Demodectic Mange. I did indeed use your product. I stopped the nasty ivermectin and vet protocol and went completely organic, holistic. She has looked fantastic ever since. I began using ResQ on her face. Her skin looks fabulous - she has shiny beautiful fur. ResQ healed her poor face! I can't believe she is not scarred" — Bobbi S.

“I call ResQ my miracle cream! Back in January, one of the horses at my barn that I work with started getting a mysterious skin issue on his shoulder/wither area. He also later got a spot on his back. It started with what felt like scabbing and as you picked at it/brushed - the hair all started coming out. We’re talking areas larger than my hand! It also seemed to itch my horse as he thoroughly enjoyed me rubbing the area. Whatever was happening, the area of skin would lose its pigment (he’s a Paint) and turned red/pink. Initially, I treated as their vet instructed. First, it was clean with peroxide or Vetericyn and an ointment from the vet. Nothing. Then it was peroxide and scarlet oil. They put him on antibiotics for a week. Nothing. Then it was peroxide and Vaseline. More antibiotics. After weeks of trying everything, still nothing. Mid-February - I had used the ResQ cream at home for personal use and thought it might help my horse. I talked to Hope and she agreed. I stopped all other products. I cleaned the area and applied ResQ every day. Literally within days, I saw changes. First, the skin got flaky. Like a layer was coming off. The redness started going away and pigment started to return. The itchiness stopped. Little hairs started growing. Within 2 weeks hair was starting to grow in various spots. A few more weeks later he looked almost good as new. Now you can’t even tell really there was an issue at all. To this day we/nor vet have any idea what caused the issue. I’ve since started giving him some probiotic/supplements and he isn’t having any other skin issues currently. I know it was the ResQ that helped clear up the topical skin issue tho. Won’t be without it now! THANK YOU HOPE AND RESQ ORGANICS!!!!!!” — Kristen Zuley

“I have used ResQ repeatedly for various ailments that my dogs have had, including hot spots, and it clears them up very quickly. I’ve also used it on other skin problems that I’ve had, including burns, sunburns, etc..." — Jenny Vaughnon

“I’ve been amazed at the stories I’ve been hearing about how Res Q Organics is working on Demodectic Mange.....It is such an incredible product. My friend used around her spaniels eyes, where she had been losing her hair, and they had been getting crusty. The hair started coming back within a few days...I think I need it on my head! LOL” — Ellen Floren

“My French Bulldog’s tail was nearly bald and irritated. It had been missing hair for years and nothing really worked. I started using ResQ twice a day and within weeks I noticed a difference. It was no longer irritated and the hair was starting to grow back! It has been several months and the hair continues to grow. You can’t even tell that hair was ever missing.” — Natalie Hartmen

“I’ve been a Vet Tech for more than 10 years, and it’s rare that I buy something that I haven’t gotten a recommendation from a Veterinarian, or seen in action. However, after reading the ingredients I was willing to try it. My Chihuahua puppy was going through what we call the “Chihuahua Puppy Uglies” which is when they shed their puppy coats and end up with bald patches before their adult coats come in. (Any baldness should be evaluated by your veterinarians to rule out mange, infection or other problems. Only a few Chihuahua puppies have this problem) The bald patches leave their skin exposed, and being the winter time her skin was getting quite dry. After a day or so of use, her skin is soft and supple. Within a couple of weeks, her coat was coming in soft and shiny. I’m honestly very impressed with the results, especially how her coat has come in so quickly. I will definitely be keeping this on hand for any skin issues, as well as recommending to clients. I only wish I had taken before and after pictures. ” — Living Bondy